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Pet Massage

Many pet owners don't realize how helpful massage is for their pets but pets of all ages and sizes benefit immensely from some regular rubs.

I offer high-quality, individualized pet massage for any schedule.  Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, while pet-sitting, and more!  I do not use essential oils on pets, as I believe they can be easily irritated by these scents.  (Yes, even though it's so trendy.)

***See Travel Time Pricing below to help calculate total

  • Most cats & small dogs: $30/hour ($20/half hour)

  • Med-large dogs: $40/hour ($25/half hour)

  • Small critters like ferrets/guinea pigs, etc: $10 / 30mins (if they can sit still! This is usually best for older small pets. They live for it!)

    These are somewhat customized and are added on to your existing pet sitting request. 
    If you'd like 15 mins/day (or more/less) incorporated into my stay, I will work out a much-discounted rate as part of the total pet sitting price. Longer massages during pet sitting can be arranged for a discounted rate!

    TRAVEL TIME PRICING (for massage only):
    As a general rule, the below applies:
    5-20 min drive- no extra fee
    25-30 min drive- add $5
    45 mins - 1 hour drive add $10