Pet Nutrition

Healthy Pets are Happy Pets!

I offer some basic nutritional guidance for your pets, based on over a decade of helping pets with their health and healing.
***I am not a licensed or certified practitioner and cannot prescribe your pets medication***
Pet nutrition is something that I decided to offer as a way to help with the many common complaints I hear clients discuss.


The way that I price these services is based around what type of assistance you would like me to offer.

If you're simply looking for some advice, I can provide a free 30 minute initial consultation by phone or e-mail.

If you'd like me to work on your pets' diet while pet-sitting, I may request a small pre-payment for basic food and/or supplement products that I will be using during the stay (usually to the tune of $20-50 up front).  I will leave all receipts as proof of purchase for your return (along with any leftover money, of course!)

From here I will communicate (if you wish) about the foods/supplements being used and their efficacy.
***I will not purchase or administer any item without your approval first.***

If there is noticeable success and more supplies are wanted/needed, I would bill you for the remaining amount of money spent on these supplies.  I will leave you the receipt as the "bill."
Receipts will be clearly marked as to what you've already paid for and what cost still remains.


All other nutritional inquiries, let me know! I am happy to discuss!

Common Health Issues/Concerns

These are some of the most common complaints I either hear from pet owners or experience while staying with pets.  I am most familiar with these issues but am happy to research and help with other issues should the need arise.
***Please keep in mind that each pet's body is so different.  What works for one may not work for another.  And there are no guaranteed products, only trial and error until the true solution is discovered.  I may not be able to make sweeping changes if I am only there for a weekend or one week.***

  • Digestive distress.
    If your pets are gassy or their eating is "off" and they don't seem excited or content to be eating, chances are they may benefit from a few dietary changes.

  • Oral health.
    Sometimes pet breath smells the way we imagine hell to smell. I get it. We want those kisses, but the smell is almost too much. Though I cannot perform any tooth removal or surgery, there are many nutritional/dietary add-ons that can clean up the breath and the mouth in general.

  • Fur/skin health.
    If your pet's coat seems greasy or dull, if their fur is shedding profusely in one area, if they have a "spot" or two that they can't seem to leave alone, there are many solutions that may help.

  • Stress/anxiety.
    Many pets seems to experience some form or another of separation anxiety while their human(s) are away. There are many lovely things that can help with this