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Pet Sitting Services

Happiest Pets & Their Happiest Humans

Offering holistic pet-sitting services to the Pittsburgh, PA and Asheville, NC regions

"So what is holistic pet-sitting?" you might be wondering.
My definition is simple.
Pets, under my watch, are taken care of physically, mentally, and spiritually.
Here's a look at what this means to me!


  • Pets are nourished with clean water, food, any supplements/medication they may need (by owner’s request only), walking or otherwise being exercised (ferrets let out of cage, etc), cleaning cages/tanks/litter boxes, checked for ticks where necessary, and massage upon request. I have many years of experience managing many types of supplement & medication regimens. I am experienced in administering vaccines, insulin, pills of all shapes and sizes to dogs and cats, administering oral gels, topical creams, etc! I do not prescribe medicines, only enforce the current regimen and make suggestions upon inquiry. References available by request!

  • I have worked with many pets on natural and raw diets and am happy to assist with dietary suggestions and healthy inclusions in your pet's diet if interested! Feel free to check out my Pet Nutrition page for some more info

  • (I also sing to and dance with pets!)


  • PET PSYCHOLOGY: An animal's mental health is often overlooked in pet care. It is my goal to make this important element a major priority. This includes making certain that pets are comfortable with me. Whether it's meeting them before your trip (if possible), or making absolutely sure they warm up to me as soon as possible. I will take whatever time is needed and use whatever methods are needed in order to help them feel comfortable.

  • TRUST CREATED: For some pets, this means a loving massage to create a bond and trust (an introductory massage will always be free and functions as a means to bond and relieve any anxiety your pet may have with a stranger.) For others, it means being left to themselves, unbothered. Whatever your pet prefers, know that it will be honored. It's all about the healthy boundaries!


  • My guess is that maybe 50% of readers here know exactly what I mean by this, and the other 50% is likely either skeptical or potentially confused. That's alright! Allow me to explain. As a pet-sitter and a spiritual person myself, I cannot help but to create a positive spiritual bond with pets. To me, this is a level above the "mental" realm. This is a soul connection. It mostly consists of love, trust, and understanding.

  • LOVE! Pets exude love (even ornery cats in their own way, haha) As with the mental health, I like to feel that the pets and I have a deep connection and understanding of each other. This usually comes naturally, of course. I just want you to know that this element matters in the care that I give. Your pets will feel safe, comfortable, and joyful in my care! We'll read each others' minds. We'll support one another, come what may (be it storms, mail carriers, grumpy neighbors, or whatever arises!) They've got a trusty friend, a mama bear who will move mountains to protect them and make sure they are well.

Spike, lounging around comfortably!

Spike, lounging around comfortably!

Built-in Additional Services
(Home/property care)

With good pet sitting comes good home care while you're away.  You can trust that while you travel, the following priorities are taken care of:

  • Communication. This should be a no-brainer, but know that I will keep you informed of pertinent info. while you are away (unless you specifically request not to be messaged). I usually text or e-mail but am happy to call or even skype if needed.

  • Garden/potted plants cared for. I've been a gardener (personally and professionally) for over 10 years, your plants will survive and thrive!

  • Mail/newspaper/packages brought in and placed in the order of their arrival for easy sorting upon your return

  • HOME CLEANING! I will always leave your home neater/cleaner than I found it. Additional cleaning services offered upon request!

  • Dishes are always DONE before I go!

  • Pool kept clean where applicable

  • Final note/report of how the stay went and any additional notes, etc. I usually leave this hand-written but am happy to text or e-mail if preferred.

  • Any additional requests you may have!

Pet-sitting Pricing

***I cannot pet sit in a smoking home due to severe cigarette allergy***
See also: discounts, deposits, and refunds below!!

I try to keep my pricing simple. Prices apply to both Pittsburgh area clients and Asheville area clients. I do not take pets into my home but rather will visit or stay at your home. This is usually requested, as many pets are uncomfortable in kennels or in other homes. I generally charge $50/overnight stay ($50/night total), all pets included (yes even lizards, fish, hamsters, ferrets, several dogs/cats, etc!) I typically stay at each residence throughout the day while sitting, so extra visits are typically not needed, keeping the cost reasonable. This price can fluctuate depending on distance to your home, and in some cases, if you have a number of special-needs pets. Please refer to my Availability Calendar to find out when I will be in your region! As a general rule, I am in Pittsburgh from April - November, and in Asheville November-April.

Pricing Example:
You go away from Fri-Sun.
Cost will be $50 for Friday night and $50 for Saturday night
Total: $100 (So technically you save money since I do not charge per day!)

Daily Pet Visits

If you just need someone to stay with your pet(s) for a few hours during the day, or if your pet(s) need let out several times a day, I can accommodate for this as well! Pricing will vary greatly, depending on commute time to and from your residence, and some may want to consider having me stay for the entire afternoon or evening, if several visits during a certain time frame are needed. As a very general rule, I usually charge $20/visit, but this can either be more or less, depending on distance to your residence, frequency of visits, and individual pet needs.

Dog Walking

Does your pup need some exercise? As a general rule, these prices are the same as the cost of a visit ($20). For $20, I can walk your pup for up to an hour. If your pup should need longer than an hour, cost will be $10 per each additional 30 minutes.


I have occasionally done house-sitting as well. Prices for house sitting will vary but will surely be lower than pet sitting, unless you need a deep cleaning or other home/garden services. For house sitting, I tend to the following:

  • Mail collection: I label/date mail as it arrives and arrange it for easy sorting upon your arrival

  • Cleaning: I leave every home cleaner than when I arrived. To what degree varies on your wants/needs!

  • Trash/recycling: I’ll make sure these are taken care of on time.

  • Gardens/Lawn care: I’m happy to care for your gardens & lawn while you’re away! I have over ten years of gardening experience, both personally and professionally!

  • Safety: I will be present at the home for most of the time that you are away, providing the appearance of an occupied home and allowing you peace of mind while you enjoy yourself away from home!

Discounts, Deposits, & Refunds

DISCOUNTS! I offer many discounts for frequent walking, extended vacations (2+ weeks), or daily visits. Always email me if this arrangement may apply to you, and we can work something out! I will also work with you if plans change, flights are delayed, or other unplanned personal issues come up (we’re all human!) Find & follow my facebook for sales, deals, and freebies!

DEPOSITS: For home stays longer than 2 weeks, a deposit may be required. The deposit is not an additional charge but rather a portion of your expected total, paid in advance. Paying the full amount up front is preferred, but exceptions can be made depending on circumstances.


  • If full payment or deposit has been paid: If a personal or external issue arises and you need to return sooner than planned, and if the amount pre-paid was for more services than were needed, you will be refunded for the difference.

  • If full payment or deposit has not been paid: You will not be charged for days/nights cancelled